And so begins the first of a series of questions that you write for me and I respond to, in video, to the best of my abilities.
If your question is why is my face so dirty, the answer is because I fell asleep on a magazine, specifically, Time magazine, which I ordered from a limited selection of magazines offered as part of a fundraiser for my nephew’s school. He’s in first grade. The article on my face is about Jason Segel’s Muppet Movie.
If that was your only question, then my work is done. If you have any others, please send them as they occur to you. Feel free to go easy on the cleverness and heavy on the actual wondering. Do not follow my example in this post.
And even though I don’t always mention it, let’s not forget: The Future.



40 Responses to QUESTIONS! Yours.

  1. Samuel says:

    What are your favorite places in Portland and why? Streets, quarters, parks, East / West of the river, bridges, whatever. The reason I ask is that we are looking for places to explore.
    Take care.

  2. Julia says:

    What books/stories you read inspired you most in your life/work? Also, if you had to choose one thing to do forever, what would it be? That’s it. (For now). Bonne Chance.

  3. Nick M. says:

    What was the most remarkable moment in your life? Maybe not the happiest moment, or even the worst moment, just something that you experienced that was so unique or special that it has stuck with you to this day.

  4. Marita Fox says:

    If an oracle thing told you that you could either come back in your next life as a stingray or a person what would you choose?

  5. Mary says:

    What are you reading (besides Time magazine)? Do you read one book at a time? Do you read in bed? In the morning? Can you listen to music and read at the same time?

  6. chelsie says:

    when you were 24, what was occupying your headspace most of the time? did you think you would be making films? i realise that is 2 questions but that’s just how i’m gonna roll right now. I also realise i haven’t been using any capital letters and have been spelling realise with an s but thats also how i’m gonna roll right now.

  7. scum.icecream says:

    Where is our future? I mean, our future is partly built, but where is it? Maybe we can find it looking at our right. You’re looking at your right in this picture. Are you facing your future? How is it? Many questions, I apologize.

  8. erin t says:

    How come that guy can stop time and talk to the moon?
    How did you come up with that?
    I have a blog mantrasdotgov.tumblr.com and I was wondering if you have a request for a daily mantra or a classic mantra you would like to share?

  9. what are you going to do tomorrow?

  10. Michael says:

    do you like the Muppets?

  11. You win five million dollars from Publishers Clearing House, but on the same day Ed McMahon gives you the check, aliens land on earth and say they’re going to blow up the world in two days.
    What would you do?

  12. Kevin says:

    Who is your favorite artist (in both dead&living categorey)?
    Also, if you have to watch one movie more than 50 times in a year,what will that movie be?

  13. Stella says:

    If your house was on fire, what are the things you would grab with you? And what you facial expression would be? (with photos)

  14. Eva Ticha says:

    What is one thing that still surprises you about yourself when you stand in front of people?

  15. Loc says:

    Have you ever successfully predicted a significant (or minor) life event? Like, tonight I will meet my next love. Or, around this corner I will find an adorable cat that will rekindle my desire to adopt one.

    Not having seen the film, I don’t know how the plot unfolds. But if the characters Sophie and Jason were to go their separate ways, do you think they would still be friends, given their profound connection?

  16. Embeth says:

    Hi, I recently just missed your screening of The Future in Sydney. Is there still someplace in Sydney showing movie or will there be?

  17. Andy Young says:

    are you the favorite person of anybody?

  18. astrid oud says:

    Miranda do you sing or play an instrument?

  19. Alex says:

    What films and filmmakers inspire you, in terms of both the way you make films yourself and ones you enjoy for pleasure?

  20. Jason Ward says:

    Mine’s an incredibly boring one: do you know who is handling the U.K. distribution for The Future? There was a press release a while ago that said Picturehouse Entertainment, but they don’t seem to exist! I’m the Film Editor for (the splendid and lovely) Oh Comely Magazine, and we’ve been trying for months to work this out so that we can pester them for an interview with you when you come to Britain. It’s pretty much the magazine’s life-long goal to interview you, but every avenue of the internet has proven unhelpful so far. Alas, alas.

  21. lauren says:

    WHAT’S IMPORTANT?! no one will tell me. they always don’t have an answer or it’s too early in the morning. i don’t know what to think. i need to know. what’s important?

    also, heads or tails?

  22. penny says:

    i recently read your piece about the first time you had sex for Dossier. Granted, you wrote a piece about it, but how significant really is the first time? maybe you can rate it on a scale or 1-10. or maybe there’s a better way to gauge its significance? or maybe it’s not significant at all?

  23. Ron says:

    If you lost your specific memories for numbers, names and places, where would you think you were? What year would you think it was? Who would you think you were? And you can’t cheat by reading your diary because the words don’t make any sense.

  24. Minty Ryan says:

    what was the last non-food, non-expensive gift that your husband gave you (more or less)?

    AND, what few things mean the most to you that you’d grab if you had to move and couldn’t take much with you?

    And, Have you always been not shy dancing in front of people, like at parties?

  25. Do you find it easy to live in the moment?

  26. Ben Chapman says:

    How often do you get noticed in public?

  27. Natalia says:

    What expectation/idea that others (your fans) have of you do you find the most exhausting to live up to? Which one surprises you?

    What kind of people intimidate you? Small children? Powerful men? Poor angry people?

    What’s the best way to love someone?

    What’s the weirdest thing about being famous?

  28. Do you ever feel like you are falling? FOLLOW UP: Where does this happen the most, if it happens at all? FOLLOW UP: Are you scared of falling when you think about some things that are future definites?

  29. Owen says:

    if you could write about the same thing over and over, what would it be? for me it would be horses, the ocean, fire or bikes, for example.

  30. do you believe the only way to die happy to have love in your life

  31. Did you ever felt like a strange in your own language?Do you remember one situation like this?Could you explain this feeling?

  32. shari sharo says:

    will you come to my private wedding ?

  33. ilana r says:

    How does one discern between something that is authentic and something that is not, and is this important?

  34. Sandy says:

    did you/do you have a pet?

  35. Sandy says:

    did it take a lot of courage to get married? or was it simple?

  36. Catherine Hayashi says:

    How can I be a more original person? What frees you from convention?

  37. Michael Osborn says:

    Your work reminds me of Billy Collins’s poetry in a way. Do you ever read any of his writing?

  38. Catherine Hayashi says:

    How do I become a more original person? How do you defy convention so thoroughly?

  39. David says:

    Chocolate, Peanut Butter or Asparagus?

  40. christian says:

    this morning I was thinking of the difference between artists and people that make art. boiling some eggs I decided one difference is the confidence artists have in revealing completely the way they express themselves. people who make art might do the same, it seems though that artists do it provocatively, successfully, or with more confidence.

    what does it take for you to go from making things for yourself to making things for everyone else?

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