My character, Sophie, has a security blanket that’s a yellow shirt named “Shirty”. This shirt is based on my actual, real life security blanket – a much older, paler yellow shirt named, “Nightie”.

I’ve had Nightie my whole life, and if I were to ever forsake my soul, as Sophie does, I know Nightie would come crawling after me. I used to be ashamed of it and hope I would outgrow it,  but instead I outgrew my shame.  I’ll never forget the first meeting I had with the special fx guys where I had to demonstrate exactly how a security blanket t- shirt would crawl. Using my hands I made it move down the long table we were sitting around. And because this is their job, they all took me very seriously, they nodded and asked important questions like: what is Shirty’s emotional state?

I Ask Of You:

If you were ever to forsake your soul, betray yourself, take the wrong path – what would come crawling after you? This should either be your security blanket/object, or any inanimate object you’ve had for a long time. It must know the true you. Make a 10-15 second video demonstrating the way that it would move. Only your hands and the object should be in the frame. If you want to get tricky you can use invisible wires, or puppetry, but that’s really not necessary. Remember that each object moves in it’s own way, so, like, if it’s your stamp collection, then the stamps might follow each other, like ducklings do.

Along with the video email a caption that states what the object is (and its name, if applicable) and how long it’s been in your life.

A t-shirt, named Nightie, which has been in my life for 37 years. This is how it would come after me:

Just paste URL of your video (from YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, etc) into your comment.
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22 Responses to Shirty

  1. yoko kikuchi says:

    this is shirley. she has been in my life since i was three weeks old, which means she was born in late september 1981. she will be thirty this year.

  2. Lee says:

    Daisy the pink cow marionette has been in my life for fourteen years, since I was five. I’m confident that if I were to forsake my soul, she would come after me shaking her head and clanking her feet like she does so well.

  3. Mara says:

    this is my crystal heart, which I’ve had for about 25 years. it would come after me spinning, throwing multicolored light all around the room.

  4. josh says:

    a stuffed animal named monster which has been in my life seven years. this is how he would come after me:

  5. michelle says:

    This cup has no name but has been with me for over 10 years, through college and most importantly through moving to different places, apartments, etc. So it’s seen the best and worst of me. I imagine it crawling away in disappointment if it ever got to that point.

  6. Todd says:

    This is Clocky the digital clock, who has been with me for 33 years. What’s special about Clocky is that I built him from a kit when I was 14. I soldered every piece of Clocky’s innards and he stlll runs to this day, although he loses a little time when I run the microwave. I like to think of this video as a metaphor for time chasing after me. Clocky will be buried with me. When my time runs out, so will his.

  7. Klaus says:

    This bag is a promotional gift from a local newspaper of the region i come from. It says “Content matters” in German, which I find pretty cute and clever at the same time. I don’t know exactly, for how long I have been using it, when still living at my parents’, but when I left home for studying, which is nearly 3 years ago, I took it with me. It has been the most reliable bag ever since, and I have used it for aproxymately everything.

  8. Elly says:

    When I was two I moved in with my grandparents and my dad brought me this rabbit skin to put on top of my pillow at night. I’ve had it for 19 years. I still keep it inside my pillow case sometimes. I like to stick my hand inside to feel its softness at night.

  9. Julia says:

    My animal friends got carried away. This is Alf and Doggie Himmelfarb. Alf is more chill, and likes the side step, where as Doggie H. is more easily stressed while walking and searching for the owner of each scent. If they were to come after me, they might find each other and forget all about me. As Paula Abdul once said, “opposites attract.”

    Here they are in action:

    Alf was my grandfather’s- he is older than me. Doggie Himmelfarb has been mine since I was 6 with chickenpox. He didn’t get a last name until I turned 20.

  10. Ant says:

    In the first photograph ever taken of me as a baby, at the hospital, right after I was born. I’m wearing these booties. I still have the photo. Im a winter solstice baby, Dec. 21st, almost a Christmas baby. The nurse who worked at the hospital, whose name I’ll never know, knitted them for all the new mothers. Red and green, holiday colors. Gender neutral. And every year after my mother would hang them on our Christmas tree like ornaments, instead of a star. Now I can’t even fit my big toe in them.

  11. My grandmother’s jewelry box, which has been in my life for 29 years. This is how it would come after me. Love, Sandra Alland.


  12. John says:

    This is Ducky and I met him in my crib. He’s never left the comfort of the bed, so he would be pointing his finger nervously at me the whole way back. He’d find me though.

  13. “The Pearls” have been with me since I purchased them in a garage sale in Lawrence, Kansas circa 1996. They have been with me at nearly every important event since. They know me better than I know myself and would follow me to heaven or hell. They would be especially upset if I passed the ‘pearly gates’ without them and didn’t stop to take a photograph with them on.

  14. Kate Russell says:

    This black cardigan has been with me for 20 years. It’s second nature to me to take it everywhere just in case I need it. So it’s pretty much seen it all.

  15. This is Big Ted. He was waiting for me on the table next to my mother as she birthed me. He knows all my secrets and would follow me into the dark.

  16. I used to have a dress up box growing up that were all my grandmother’s old party dresses from the ’20’s and ’30’s. The sound of the rhinestones dragging on the floor is a sound is somewhat haunting. I would wear the dress and twirl until I dropped. Somehow it makes sense to me that this dress would be the object that would come for me spinning and spinning…

  17. Lorrie says:

    Madeleine the ukulele has been with me for exactly one month and three days. Though we haven’t known each other for long, it was one of those instant connections and we both swear we were together in a past life. I got her because she was in a dream and because she whispers things to me in my sleep.

  18. Xan Nichols says:

    My ukulele has been with me for 5 years. We play shows at restaurants and coffee shops together. When I am sad he always comes to the rescue.

  19. Brittany Allen says:

    This is Teddy. I imagine his adventure might look something like a really old movie, and there would very likely be a soundtrack of sorts. Teddy faces some challenges along the way, including a dog named Mister who finds Teddy to be quite tasty, but I really think Teddy gets his stride near the end. Through avoiding getting eaten, he finds his true footing. I bought Teddy from a table raising money for a good cause as I walked through the crowds of a busy subway station, many years ago.

  20. Stacie Sells says:

    This is Gizmo. He’s been part of my life for about 21 years. We’ve been through some good times and bad and he knows everything about me. If I ever left him he wouldn’t just sit around and wallow, he would make sure to come find me. He’s never left my side and at this rate, he wouldn’t let it happen!

  21. Liz says:

    If I were to forsake my soul, the guitar I’ve owned for more than 15 years would come haunting me.

  22. This is Pinky. She has been with me for the past 30 years of all my life. When asked in what three items would you take out of your house if there was a fire. Pinky always came before the piggy bank. In the background there is a letter P pillow which I hand made for Pinky in Home Economics in middle school. I also had a matching dress at one point which I wore out with Pinky and brought Pinky to a college party at SUNY Purchase. I don’t even think my fellow art students understood me or Pinky. Hence I think Pinky would be all sorts of worried about me and come for me in need. She has always been there for me on lonely nights when I needed a friend.

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