Ok, THIS IS IT New York: The Future opens on Friday at the IFC Center. Here is where you get tickets. I will be there doing Q&As and just generally lurking around, checking if more paper-towels are needed in the bathroom or if someone needs change for a twenty.

This is a picture of me taken in 1996. I am opening a letter from a stranger and no doubt my heart is pounding in a way that is uncalled for. I am 22 and I am just dying to know what this stranger has to say and I’m hoping it will turn my world upside down. Not that my world is so horrible, but I know it will be better upside down and understood by a stranger. It is this desire, to be transformed by understanding, that has pretty much propelled me through every single day since 1996.

See you there.

(Photo taken from the Flickr of one “Sir Ladd Halsey”, a stranger, who took it secretly. I’m taking it back.)

P.S: LA, Boston, Chicago and D.C. open next weekend, 8/5!


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