Remember the Mexican restaurant in Kreuzberg I mentioned? So many friends asked me for the name of the place that I re-found it, by finding my old apartment on Google maps and then “walking” there using street view. I felt very modern. To have the best appreciation for this restaurant you might have to be an American woman who has spent the entire day working with German men in a windowless room on issues of film post-production that are so subtle that no one is even sure they are visible to anyone but you, the American woman, but you are hell-bent and won’t go back to LA until everything is crossed off your list written in tiny crazy-person handwriting. You have to spend all day making very little progress on the list, and then get on your bike and ride in the dark along the side of Grolitzer park, bumping on cobblestones, face freezing, wearing a dumb warm hat with a hipper hat over it, which doesn’t look so hip on top of the other hat. Park the bike at La Pulqueria and come in and order the 3 enchilada combo to go. Watch the one very pretty waitress as she makes her away around the restaurant and is nice to even you, a non-person in two hats. Then put the dinner in the bike basket and ride home, lock the bike, take the elevator up, hoping there is no one else in it at the same time because you always feel married to them during the short upward journey, and you have so little to offer as a wife right now, even a 2-minute wife. Unlock the apartment door, throw off the two hats, the coat, the boots, the scarf, the mittens. Sit immediately at the kitchen table with the 3 enchilada combo and the computer, and, almost crying with relief to be at this moment in the day, this zenith, watch The Office (american version), a tv show that didn’t seem so incredible back in America, but now is EVERYTHING, all your emotions are processed through the show, you laugh, you cry while eating the enchiladas, which are warm, friendly, loving, kind and reminiscent of Los Angeles, a city which (like The Office) didn’t seem so great when you were actually living there, but now, well, it’s best not to think about it because you might never finish this movie and might never go home.
Bon appetit!

Mexikanisches Restaurant La Pulqueria
Spreewaldplatz 5, Kreuzberg, 10999 Berlin, Germany
+49 30/61657160



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