From the set of The Future, by Autumn De Wilde

Making a movie takes a long time, so I’ve been working towards writing this blog for years. Some people fantasize about their Oscar acceptance speech; I fantasized about this. Getting to hand The Future over to you in the best possible way. Like when you carefully hand over a newborn baby and for a moment there are four hands holding the baby, because you want to make sure the other person really has it before you let go. The next few months are the four-hand moment, extended.

To kick things off, I thought I would give you a brief diagnostic test so you can evaluate whether this movie is something you might be in to. Make a mark on a piece of paper for each “true” answer.

1. “I have survived a devastating break-up.” [true/false]

2. “I want to have a kid, but I’m also worried a kid will make it impossible for me to pursue my dreams. Especially since I’m already finding that pretty hard.” [true/false]

3. “I feel guilty about the above statement.” [true/false]

4. “I often find meaning in coincidences.” [true/false]

5. “I would like to take a break from being myself.” [true/false]

6. “I would like this break to involve sex, ice cream, and sheets with a high thread count.” [true/false]

7. “I think cats are pretty wonderful.” [true/false]

8. “I have a serious problem with procrastination that borders on paralysis at times.” [true/false]

9. “The job I have requires me to hide my soul.” [true/false]

10. “I spend way to much time online.” [true/false]

Now tally up your marks. If the resulting number is even, then you will love The Future so much it’s not even funny. If the the resulting number is odd then you’re odd. Which makes it hard to know what you’ll think of The Future. Which is something I just have to endure.



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