In order to really understand The Future, i think it’s important to look at History. By History I mean that word you click on at the top of your web browser that reveals everything you clicked on recently. History has meant all different things throughout time, and now it can mean this. I’m always curious about people’s web histories, it’s a little like looking at a list of the last 20 things they thought about. Sometimes you can see how one thought/website led to another, and sometimes it makes no sense at all. Frequently it’s humilating, and a little endearing, like watching an animal bump around the forest. Often I click on Clear History as if this will also clear my conscience. If you are the kind of person who uses the word “herstory” in daily conversation, instead of history, then you probably think of it as your web herstory.
Over the next few months I will be inviting friends of the movie to share their History with us. I can’t promise they won’t click up a brand new, non-embarassing History, but if they don’t, please reward them for their bravery by sending in your own honest History. Below is Hamish Linklater’s History, followed by one of mine.

Hamish Linklater’s History, April 22, 2011:

Miranda July’s History, Saturday May 21:

The Awl: I was hoping there will be something as good at the Eileen Myles piece they ran a few months ago.
The Vulture: because I needed a picture of my own movie poster for my blog and it’s just easiest to pull it off this website.

I Ask Of You:
On a Mac using Safari click on History, click on the day you want to share and take a screen shot (hold down these buttons all at the same time: command/shift/4 and then select what you want to take a picture of). On a PC press “print screen” and then crop the image. Upload the image using the uploader below. Send it to us along with the date and a 1-2 sentence explanation of what was going on in real life that made you click on these things.


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