This morning my husband reported that I had talked in my sleep — apparently, I said, very politely, “Can you repeat the question?”
Funny times.
Today we have a miscellaneous group of news items:

1. This afternoon I will be I will be psychically attending to the essential dilemmas of strangers for Studio 360, via a call-in radio show. This won’t be aired today, but I thought you might enjoy, as I have, reading these essential dilemmas. Life is so problematic.

2. Yesterday we began installing Eleven Heavy Things at The Pacific Design Center (presented by MoCA).

The moment they were on the grass people began posing with them, which was encouraging. They’ll be up through October, so stop by (and send us your snapshots).
(I keep writing “us” and “we,” but the truth is, it’s just me, sitting here with wet hair and a hurried feeling.)

3. And finally, this evening you can beat me at ping pong while raising money to support the writing of important stories like these:

Just a Typical Day in Banana City
by Noemi, age 8

When Mac and Peter and The Stranger Fell
by Ronald, age 7

A Cheater Named Turquoise
by Darious, Corey and Khaled, ages 9 and 10

Go here to sign up.


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