Assorted Thoughts While Doing French Interviews:
Why am I suddenly saying you in stead of I? (Ex: “When you’re writing a screenplay involving a talking cat you tend to –“) Everything has become an oddly inclusive generalization.

The French really get me.

This person thought I was smarter before he talked to me. I am smart but I just can’t seem to say smart things right now.

Is my left eye swelling up or is that the normal way my eye feels? What would happen if I just fell off my chair right now? Could I play it off like it was an accident?

Obligatory photoshoot with mini Eiffel Tower.

I had big ambitions, for example, to take a magic carpet ride over Paris. See the part where it says “Be the star of your own movie” ?? I could have made my next movie before this one even came out. Sure, it might have suffered a little in the quality department — but it only takes 3 minutes! My last movie took FOUR YEARS. So it’s a trade-off.

In the end I only had time to sleep.

Thank you to everyone who watched the movie at 7pm tonight or 8pm last night. It will be in theaters August 17th in France, so mark your French calendars with your French pens and tell your French friends.

Next stop: Minneapolis.


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