Wow, what a weekend New York! And when I say NY, I mean only the relatively few people in New York who saw The Future at the IFC Center, and when I say relatively few I mean hundreds and hundreds of comitted ticketbuyers, standing in rain and deafening heat: thank you. You made news.

And now we expand! This Friday The Future opens in Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and D.C. Which means it’s time for…. REGIONAL Q+As. I will answering questions (in video) from people who live in those 4 cities — only in those cities. So send in your questions and put your city and zip code as the end of the question, for verification purposes. My answers will appear here on Wednesday or Thursday.

Off to Toronto now, looking forward to seeing some of you at the Images Festival screening tomorrow night. Doing even this small amount of travel and interviews makes me wonder how, for example, does Katie Perry, do it?! My current approach is to just not look within at all, for fear of what I will find in there.

(Pictured above: Crazy times in my hotel room last night between 2 and 3am. This happened right after watching a YouTube video about how to apply make-up to mature eyes. I may have jumped the gun on this video, as I don’t yet have the kind of full-on “hooding” that was described. But when the hooding comes, I will be ready. Pants on the light and ready to go.)


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