I’m getting pretty excited about the The Future in Germany, it opens October 27th and I will be there in the days leading up, to introduce you to it. Here’s the brand new German facebook site www.facebook.com/thefuture.derfilm, and they are working on some other intriguing web activities which I will update you about soon. At this time last year I was in Berlin finishing The Future (yes it’s true, it is a German/US co-production) and I have to say I feel a bit nostalgic about riding my bike to work, past drug dealers in the park, always feeling guilty that I rode right past them, never once stopping to buy drugs. I also miss poppy seed cake, the oddly good mexican restuarant, even being cold seems kind of romantic right now. Here are some items I bought at shops in my neighborhood, Kreuzberg, on my first day in the city. Good thing I went on the first day, because I was working so hard for the next month that I never had another had another moment to wander around like this, my favorite kind of day. Any Germans reading this? Tschüss.


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