Whenever I stand before an audience I always wonder What did all these people do today, before they came to the theater? I imagine several hundred lives, filled with their intricicies and challenges and it seems like a minor miracle that they all managed to get here, on time, and are sitting so neatly like teeth. Most of you I will not see tonight at the Arclight — but I will see a couple of you. Right now you are looking at this website, but what else will you do today before I see you? Please send me your to do list for today — noting if you will be at the 5:20 or 7:30 screening. (Because I may have some questions for you during the Q+A.)

Tickets here.

If you are seeing The Future at another theater today, please also send your to do list; I would like to see the day I will be a small part of. (Note the theater and screeninging time please.)

(The picture is of my To Do list when I was editing The Future. All that done, but always still more to do.)


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