I stared at this view all day, from the balcony, in between interviews. Thoughts had:
1. Can I yell “What are you feeling and thinking?” to the lounging people or is that going to ruin their time.
2. WIth a running start could I jump from the balcony into the pool? Maybe even into the pink thing?
3. That astro-turf is blue in a way that just won’t quit and I’m going to have to make something with it before I leave here.
Nothing came of 1. or 2. but with help of Megahn Burns and James Teel from Roadside Attractions, 3. was totally achieved.

Please do not hesitate to send me your own Walking On The Floor photos. It is a satisfying kind of picture because you needn’t be a great beauty to knock it out of the park. Just a little attention to detail.
Nine days until The Future begins to unroll. Count with me Count Dracula, which is my pet name for you, all of you.


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