1. I walked to the garage sale down the street and gave them some maracas that I don’t need and came home with a lot of new items that I feel are going to open up my life.

I got ones labeled SUMI MATERIALS, BLADES AND KNIVES, and STIPLING BRUSHES. Not a bad turn of events for a Sunday, which I consider a totally doomed day anyway.

2. Last night, however, was a joy. The ice cream and twilight and wavy grass made Eleven Heavy Things slightly more surreal than I could have forseen. And if there’s one thing we know how to do here in LA it’s POSE. Some profound, revelatory posing happened. Thank you to all who came, and to MoCA and PDC. It’s up through October. Send your pictures this way.

3. Tuesday I will be Show and Telling at the Silent Movie Theater in LA. Not just videos either…FAR FROM IT. Here’s a hint: I will need one participant with a very clean mouth and/or scalp. So if you are on the fence about coming, but your mouth or scalp is fastidious and overlooked, come as a favor to me.
(Did I just do the kind of promotion that actually repels people from coming?)

And lastly but mostly: 5 days until The Future opens at the IFC Center in NY. I will be there.

All photos by Mike Mills.


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