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The Future

This is an oracle like any other oracle, like the I Ching or astrology or Tarot cards - a technique for divining your future. The only real difference is that those are very old methods and this one is very new. But there was a first day for Tarot cards too, and the best friend of the person who invented them felt just like you do, suuuuper skeptical. (Especially since the Tarot card inventor kept saying things like “Oh, that card's not quite done yet” and “I'm gonna change that part”.)

Take a deep breath and focus on the essential dilemma of your life right now.
As you exhale, click on the wheel below.
Ponder the advice. MJ is trying to help you, but she can't do it alone.
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The Oracle

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A man and a woman

  1. Think of a person you would like to touch. Now imagine this man or woman is that person and click on the parts of his/her body in the order in which you would touch them if you could.

  2. Start the timer and write the word PLEASE as many times as you can before the time runs out.

    You may also write other words that would be appropriate when begging your own soul for forgiveness after having forsaken it.

    Click to start. 00:05:00

If you want your daily future to
be more accurate and personal-
ized, let me know a little bit about
yourself by doing two simple di-
agnostic exercises.